Cait Wait organized twelve artists to come together to and stay at the old homestead at Warraweena in the Nth Flinders Ranges, SA.

We painted, drew, discussed, wrote, fossicked, made works of art and sat by the fire.

Warraweena is a wonderful conservation ‘bounceback’ area, and each day we went out to ‘country’ sites with our local guide. All our artists were inspired by the company and the
country and we hope to exhibit together and include other artists in our future camps.

Exhibition: Here, There & Everywhere

Paintings by Cait Wait and works by Warraweena Artists

Burra Regional Art Gallery, SA. July 19 - August 26, 2018

St. Marys Cathedral, Darwin - Indigenous Stained Glass Windows Project

Cait worked as an artist/ facilitator and consultant with designs created by Indigenous artists from Tiwi and Melville islands, Larrakia/ Darwin, Daly River and Santa Teresa. The eight front windows of St Marys Cathedral in Darwin will eventually shine with the brilliant colours of the art works transfigured into huge glass windows.

A new ceramic ink/digital  print technology was used to transfer the original art onto glass panels.

In 2015 the east & west transept windows are being designed by Cait Wait.


santa terese painting cait wait.jpg

Santa Teresa Church Murals

2002 - 2003 The Arrernte people at Santa Teresa in Central Australia wanted to "own" their church by painting murals throughout its interior, and asked me to teach a group of untrained artists in realistic and figurative painting styles. This church mural project took two years and drew not only on my long-developed relationships within the Arrernte community, my long experience as an art teacher and facilitator, but on my own knowledge, practise and training in the techniques of western Art. . "For me, the walls were a space representing the "great unknown" between the Christian and Aboriginal spiritualities, and also a space of great possibilities to find common ground, using the language of art. The church was a work place where we aimed to resolve the extremes between the sacred and the everyday."

AliceMural Cait wait.jpg

Alice Springs Hospital Mural

2004 I further extended my experience of working with Arrernte artists when I was commissioned to work with 12 artists from Irrkerlantye Arts to paint a large mural for the Alice Springs hospital entrance foyer, and the finished work is a story about health, culture and reconciliation in Central Australia.

Keringke Arts

1987 - 1993
Established Keringke Arts at Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa), 80 km South East of Alice Springs, Northern Territory. 
Keringke Arts continues to be a thriving, renowned Aboriginal owned, community based Art centre.

Hermannsburg Painting Workshop

2006 Presentation of an oil painting technique and colour theory workshop with the renowned artists of Hermannsburg Potters, near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

Yaruman Arts, Ringers Soak. WA.

2007 Presenting an intensive painting workshop for seven artists, which included colour theory and development alongside new painting techniques

Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts Centre, Arnhem Land. NT.

2008-9 Collaboration with community to set up an ongoing culture collection and arts centre.