Cait is an Australian artist from here there and everywhere. Her artistic practice focuses on painting. As she pushes paint around, she pushes herself around too - questioning the history of being in a place and how open she is to the influences of that place, its space, time and inhabitants.

She spent over 25 years in the Northern Territory establishing Keringke Arts at Santa Teresa, working in desert communities and in Arnhem Land and Darwin. Island living in Kiribati as an art teacher for 4 years, and working in Namibia as a craft/art development person, have been important influences driving her arts practice.

Cait is a reflective and introspective artist who has kept daily visual arts diaries and is currently working on her sixty fourth book.

She has legendary “pulling power” and invests thought, care, determination and energy into her varied collaborative creative projects which have been highlights during her years of art practice.

Daily the process continues, as Cait works to make her canvas surface sing with paint, colour, texture, story and meaning.



UPCOMING EXHIBITION - M16 Artspace, Canberra October 2019.

A series of narrative portraits, “as far as a life goes…”