After studying to be an art teacher, then seizing the opportunity to travel, adventure and learn from life, I found myself living in Aboriginal Australia, in Kiribati in the Central Pacific, Namibia in Africa, and in the Flinders Ranges and coastal places of South Australia.

I spent over 25 years in the Northern Territory establishing Keringke Arts at Santa Teresa, working in desert communities and in Arnhem Land and Darwin. Island living in Kiribati as an art teacher for 4 years, and working in Namibia as a craft/art development person, have been important influences driving my arts practice.

I have drawn from the ' other.' Cultures, peoples, nature and environments, as well as from artists through the ages, from Giotto through the Renaissance artists to the 21st century.

I have a love for Australian artists such as William Robinson, Brack, Boyd, Nolan, Namatjira, Rover Thomas and Piccininni  - endless influences abound.

My collaborative works and exhibitions have been highlights during my years of art practice.

Daily the process continues, and making a surface sing with colour, texture, story and meaning is my work. I am always an 'emerging' artist.




HERE, THERE & EVERYWHERE : Paintings by Cait Wait with Works by Warraweena Artists

Burra Regional Art Gallery, SA.  July 19 - August 26, 2018